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Storage represents one of the fundamental services of our company. With a decade of experience, storage logistics of VEREXP today provides a superior service to a growing network of clients by a combination of various modern solutions and technologies. The expert team made of supreme operatives and engineers takes care of our clients goods on more than 15,000 m2 of storage space throughout the region.

  • Health and safety of employees at work as a priority
  • 24/7 security, CCTV, access control
  • All the facilities comply with all the legal norms regarding fire protection
  • All the goods is secured against basic risks in accordance with clients requirements
  • Application of modern business standards (ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001,TAPA, AEO, Sedex)
  • Storage and handling of goods:
    - Customs and commercial goods
    - Standard and oversized goods
    - Palletized and non-palletized goods
  • Preparation of goods as per selling orders as single item, case, pallet order picking
  • Additional services (declaration, packing, co-packing, labeling...)
  • Management of storage processes in production and distribution warehouses of our clients (in-house logistics)
  • Monitoring of key properties of goods (expiry dates, packaging quality, qualitative control of the returned goods, traceability)
  • Reporting
  • Consulting (we are part of the team of our clients and we offer our long-term knowledge and experience)
Our orientation
  • We adjust to clients, observe their requirements and changes and listen to their suggestions.
  • We store, transship, monitor and make reports about goods according to the highest standards of the profession.
  • We apply contemporary software solutions and warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Development of E-communication with more than 200 completed interface connections with various ERP systems of our clients.
  • Apart from warehouses at various locations with various operative characteristics and areas, we also manage storage processes in production and distribution warehouses of our clients.
  • We offer our clients additional services related to goods inside our warehouses without additional costs of transportation or handling. From declaring, through packing and vacuuming to software finishing of products, we deliver goods to retail chains as well as end users.
  • A supreme team of experienced operatives with logistics, economy and IT engineers is in charge of the execution of all our clients requirements.
  • Total optimization of storage processes with the increase of competitiveness and the creation of added value to our clients.
Our storage capacities provide first-class storage conditions
  • For food and beverages (14-18 °C, ambient temperatures from 5 to 28 °C)
  • For technical equipment, home appliances, computers and mobile phones
  • For spare parts, oil, pneumatic tires
  • For clothes and footwear
  • For general and consolidated shipments