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We offer transportation services for full and partial truckloads to any destination in Switzerland at competitive prices. By partnering with renowned companies and leveraging our extensive transportation network, VEREXP provides significant benefits to our clients. We utilize the latest technologies, such as GPS, Route Planning, Transport Manager, and Track and Trace, to ensure the highest standards of service quality. Our key transportation performance indicators include:

  • Vehicle positioning for loading
  • Start of transportation route
  • Transportation time
  • Vehicle positioning at unloading site
  • Securing freight against damage
  • Monitoring (GPS, Track and Trace)
  • Call center support
  • Reverse flow of transportation documents
  • Reverse flow of goods and packaging
  • Regular reporting
  • Real-time shipment status updates
  • Special requirements for temperature, load-bearing capacity, volume, etc.

International transportation is a core aspect of our service offering. With a next-generation fleet and a network of reliable subcontractors, we meet all client requirements. Our team of 20 dedicated professionals ensures prompt and efficient service. Combining youth and experience, we continuously improve our HR practices to remain competitive in the European market. Handling over 500 shipments monthly, we maintain high standards of quality and communication. Our international transportation services are divided into two categories:

  • FTL / LTL Loadings
  • Groupage

FTL / LTL Loadings

Full Truck Load / Less Than Full Truck Load

Our FTL (Full Truck Load) service offers a large number of available trucks daily, supporting national companies with significant export and import needs. Equipped with GPS, our fleet enables real-time shipment monitoring, ensuring client confidence. Our LTL (Less Than Full Truck Load) service provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, using our FTL fleet for competitive offerings.


Consolidated Shipments from Any Location in Europe

Recognizing the trends in consolidated freight services, VEREXP has established strong partnerships with leading European companies. This enables us to handle groupage shipments from and to any location in Europe, offering low transportation costs and fixed truck schedules. Our clearly defined pricing and schedules provide clients with reliable and efficient service. View our partner map and groupage routes here.

Words From Partners

This company exceeded our expectations with their comprehensive transport solutions, managing both road and complex services seamlessly.
Klaus Fischer Logistics Manager